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About Us

About Highland Township

Highland Township is located in a rural area of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The township covers 17.2 square miles on the county’s western side. 

In 2000 there were 1125 people residing in 433 households in Highland Township, with a population density of 65.3 people per square mile. 

In comparison, Chester County has a population density of 573 people per square mile.

Highland Township Pennsylvania pasture
Highland Township Pennsylvania pasture

Our History

What is now known as Highland Township was once part of the original Fallowfield Township which came into existence in 1714, when 1400 acres along the western edge of Chester County were surveyed for three Quakers from Westmoreland, England.  A noted Quaker preacher, John Salkeld, named the township for Lancelot and Sarah Fallowfield who were among the first settlers to purchase land from William Penn.  Eventually Lancelot sold his land rights to Salkeld, and Sarah abandoned her claim at the time of her second marriage.  In 1743 Fallowfield was divided into East and West Fallowfield, and in 1853 West Fallowfield was divided again to form Highland Township.

The new township was appropriately named Highland, as it was the highest part of the original West Fallowfield Township.  Highland is bounded by West Sadsbury and Sadsbury townships on the north, by East Fallowfield and West Marlborough Townships on the east, West Fallowfield Township on the west and by Londonderry Township on the south.

Meet Highland Township Officials and Staff

Board of Supervisors

Highland Township is governed by three elected members to the Board of Supervisors.  The Board of Supervisors is responsible for all matters that require official action by the Township, as well as general supervision of Township affairs.  Terms expire on December 31st of the year indicated.

Tom Scott, Chair                  (2025)

Tom Fredd, Vice Chair        (2027)

Brandon Umble                   (2023)

Solicitor – Roger Legg


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 7 residents of the Township, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.   The Planning Commission advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on issues of land use, land development & subdivision, zoning and the Comprehensive Plan.

Doug Lapp, Chair (2023)

John Goodall, Vice Chair (2023)

Bo Alexander (2023)

Judy Noyales (2023)

Dean Davis (2025)

Tyler Lantz (2025)

Mary McKee (2025)


Zoning Hearing Board 

The Zoning Hearing Board renders decisions on application for variance and special exception.  Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Lisa DeMars

Matt King

Jim Lynn

Solicitor – Winifred Sebastian


Auditors – Ed Camelli, Mary McKee, Wendy Ott

Tax Collector – Elizabeth Gillen

Emergency Management Coordinator & Fire Marshall – Jerry McKee

Road Master – Tom Scott

Secretary/Treasurer – Barb Davis

Zoning Officer – Bill Beers